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Gbogbonise is your one-stop blog for information about healthy living, natural remedies that work, delivered using simple English language that most people can understand.. The lives of many people have been transformed by following the simple instructions on this platform, you too can benefit from this!

Our vision is to create a healthy world by making indispensable medical knowledge freely available.

We plan to achieve this by preaching preventive medicine, providing vital information about common diseases, and also publishing articles that dispel myths and harmful traditional practises.

We have dedicated resource persons, who are professionals in various medical fields, and decided to leverage on the coverage of technology to reach a limitless population.  As a team we research daily about common illnesses, remedies as well as new trends in preventive and natural medicine. At Gbogbonise, we write because we love to see you healthy. If you love to hear the truth about improving your health, this is a place for you!





An interesting writer, skillfully admixing a fine blend of humour and reality. A medical doctor with interest in sexual and mental health, as well as preventive medicine.








With a witty personality and great love for food, she is excited about learning and sharing knowledge about healthier ways to live. A global health expert with interest in humanitarian aid services and disaster diplomacy, preparedness and management.







A exciting  nurse who has enthusiasm for paediatrics and an undying and insatiable quest for knowledge, Beatrice has an innovative mind and is passionate about skin care products and regimens.